An Open Letter to Liberals 

I was you once. I was a poor, misguided liberal like yourself, walking the grounds of my public university, wondering when I would be able to pay for my college education. I thought if I protested hard enough, one day Uncle Sam would reach into his money bags and pay back those nasty student loans nipping at my heels.  

But then one day it hit me. The liberal government that we’ve endured under Obama isn’t going to help me, a middle class white woman, pay back my college loans. The government isn’t going to help me, a middle class, “privileged” white woman pay back anything at all. I’m lucky that as a “majority” that I even get any scholarship money to being with, being right above the poverty line, I’m lucky I get any help at all. 

I’m in the forgotten lower middle class. Not unfortunate enough to get government benefits, and too privileged to get any respect for my achievements, even though I had to overcome the odds to get in, and pay for college myself. 

What I’ve learned through my liberal education, is that I’m the bad guy in history. That all bad things that have ever happened in all of history are singularly my fault for existing as a white woman. Ive been taught that it’s okay for other races to shit on my achievements and perceive them as lesser because I have less melanin in my skin. We as white people, can’t judge anyone on the basis of skin color, even though we’re constantly judged as lesser for our skin color. The double think behind this is absurd, and it took me 4 years of liberal brainwashing to realize how backwards I was having to think to justify all of the race double talk that was being force fed to me. I was paying to be brainwashed, and now I’m in dept, being forced to pay back to government thousands and thousands of dollars for the education I believe was necessary, that has only taught me that nothing I do will be good enough. I realize that one I was out of my liberal bubble in college, that the real world doesn’t give a shit about social justice warrior bullshit, and that I completely unprepared for the challenges of real life. 

My liberal education taught me how to perceive problems where here are none, and taught me nothing about how to fix said problems. You know why? Because identity politics is all the liberal party is, and once they run out of problems, they’ll be left to face the sad reality that no one really needed them anyways. 


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